Storage & Packing Tips

With the excitement of moving and new beginnings comes the stress of packing. At Zoom Zoom Storage, we want to make your move as smooth as possible.

Packing and organizing can feel like the game of Tetris. Careful and strategic planning needs to go into maximizing your space and time. Use these helpful packing tips for your next move to reduce your stress and stay organized.

Protect Fragile Items

Fragile items can be protected by wrapping them with packing paper or bubble wrap. Place fragile items on top of everything or store by itself.

Pack by the Room

Stay organized by packing one room at a time. Label each box on all sides with same colour masking tape to designate which room the items belong in.

When moving into your new home, unload all the coloured boxes for each room.

Don’t Break The Plates!

A trick for stacking plates without breaking them is to place them vertically in the box and pad them with styrofoam plates.

Load Strategically

Load the moving van so that the first things you unload will form the base. These items should be the largest pieces of furniture and the heaviest boxes.

Use Same Sized Boxes

Use sturdy boxes of the same size. This will make stacking simple.

Be Mindful of Weight

It is important to distribute weight as evenly as possible. When filling a box, start by placing a heavy item inside and then lighter items around it.

Room to Maneuver

Depending on how often you will find yourself grabbing stuff from the storage unit, you should make an aisle in the middle. Make sure it goes all the way

to the back of the unit so that you have access to all the corners.

Take It All Apart

Save space by dismantling furniture. Unscrew legs from tables and chairs. Remove bulky pieces like lamp shades. Save the screws in labeled plastic bags and tape them to the furniture if possible, or put the labeled bags all in one box.

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