Students Self Storage Units

If you're a student or a parent of a student attending post-secondary school, you will likely need storage space. Moving away from home to go to a distant school can be challenging, especially when it comes to looking for a place to live. That’s why temporary storage is essential for students. For parents, if you want to use your child’s bedroom as a gym or a spare bedroom, a storage unit is the perfect place to store their items.

Student Storage Solutions

Perhaps your child has a dorm room. That means you will need to store items when it comes time for summer break this includes appliances, clothes, bedding, and other items need to be stored temporarily.

It's critical to plan where to store all of your possessions during breaks. Zoom Zoom Storage has you covered. We provide students in Ontario with storage spaces that are spacious, clean, affordable, and secure.

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Zoom Zoom Storage - Thornhill

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150 Clark Blvd. Brampton, ON
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Zoom Zoom Storage - Markham

800 Rodick Rd. Markham, ON
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